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If you have been arrested for a crime in Bellingham, where will you turn?  Most importantly, you must not fight these criminal charges alone.  You need the help of an experienced and aggressive Bellingham criminal defense attorney. 

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  • You may be able to avoid appearing at your first court date if you hire a lawyer
  • Bellingham Municipal Court has programs that may dismiss your criminal charge 
  • Hire a local Bellingham criminal lawyer as they know and understand the local courts and prosecutors
  • ​Understand your Options in your criminal case in Bellingham 
  • Get a Free Whatcom County DUI Book

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The Bellingham criminal defense attorneys at the Law Firm of David Jolly have successfully handled a wide range of criminal cases throughout our many years of practice. We will be able to offer you legal assistance in the following areas: theft, a Whatcom County DUI, assault, hit and run, reckless driving, and negligent driving in the first degree. We can also provide experienced assistance if you face the daunting prospect of an alleged probation violation or a probation review.

At the Law Firm of David N. Jolly our legal team has devoted their professional careers to ensuring that the rights of our clients are protected and their best interests advocated. Dealing with clients who have been arrested for virtually any type of crime on a daily basis, our team realizes the amount of stress you may be under. Your concerns lie within your ability to secure your future freedom as you attempt to prevent your reputation from being ruined.  If you have been arrested you need our team of Bellingham criminal defense lawyers one your side!

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If you are arrested by a Washington State Trooper or Bellingham Police Officer, you can invoke your constitutional right to remain silent. You should contact our Bellingham office immediately so that we can protect your legal rights before you make any statement to law enforcement. To invoke your right to remain silent you simply say, “I am invoking my right to remain silent until AFTER I have spoken to an attorney.” After invoking your rights, do not make any statement about the facts of the case.

Even if you are completely innocent of the accusation, once you learn you are the target of a criminal investigation, never make a statement to any law enforcement officer. The Constitution of the United States of America recognizes your right against self-incrimination. Under most circumstances, your silence can not be used against you at trial. In other words, the jury will never be told that you asked for an attorney. You can decide to speak to law enforcement, but your statements may be misconstrued and used against you. Your side of the story can best be told through your Bellingham attorney.

It is important to remember that every case is different. Together we can devise a strategy to defend you against the pending criminal charges. If you have been charged with a crime in the greater Bellingham area, David Jolly can negotiate with the Bellingham Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to get the charges reduced or even dismissed. If the charges are not dropped,there are often defenses that can be aggressively litigated before trial including Motions to dismiss the Criminal Charge; or Motions to suppress evidence.​

David Jolly and he team of Bellingham criminal defense attorneys will discuss all your options and, with his knowledge and experience, guide you through the legal system in Whatcom County to help you obtain the best result for your situation.

Fighting for Your Freedom and Your Future

Any individual who decides to fight their Bellingham criminal charges alone is making a huge mistake.  You have too much to lose!  Even innocent individuals are convicted of criminal charges or forced to face other types of consequences because they believed that hiring a criminal defense lawyer was unnecessary.​

Hiring legal representation is always necessary when dealing with any type of offense in Bellingham and the entire state of Washington. When working with a member of our firm, you can rest more easily knowing that we will strongly fight for your freedom and help prevent your reputation from being tarnished. We understand the devastating effects a conviction can hold on any individual, which is why we work so tirelessly to fight on your behalf! Call our Bellingham criminal defense attorneys today to take advantage of our free case consultation.  We are conveniently located and have flexible work hours to make it easier for your to meet with us.  If meeting in person is not convenient, we offer complimentary consultations on the phone on evenings and weekends.  Call our Bellingham Criminal Defense lawyers now at (360) 734-3847.

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After the Bellingham Police Officer releases you be sure and check your provided paperwork.  The officer may have given you a court date in Bellingham Municipal Court.  You may need to appear in Bellingham Municipal Court as soon as the next day following your arrest. It's important to get help from a local criminal lawyer now! Call us today at (360) 734-3847 for a free consultation with an experience Bellingham criminal defense attorney.

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