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The Law Firm of David N. Jolly has more than 50 years of combined experience in DUI defense.  Whatcom County deals with DUI cases differently than other jurisdictions so it is imperative to retain a local Bellingham  DUI lawyer who understands the local criminal system.

We are located in downtown Bellingham and offer free consultations. We also offer something no other local Whatcom County attorney can, a free DUI handbook. We have a proud history of client satisfaction and superior service. If you have been charged with DUI please call our office for a no-obligation and no pressure consultations. We would love to help you.



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As Whatcom County DUI defense attorneys  our first objective is to inform all of our clients or those who inquire about their case of the process involved in defending a charge of driving under the influence. This counsel includes dealing with the Whatcom County District Court and the Department of Licensing. Both issues are complex and come with potentially severe consequences.  

The Whatcom County court process is often the most intimidating, and it is our duty to protect our clients from the prosecuting attorney (Bellingham Municipal Court or Whatcom County District Court) and Judges in Whatcom County. While it is generally agreed that the Whatcom County court process is the most intimidating, the other issues related to driving under the influence in Whatcom County are also important and cannot be overlooked.

Whatcom County DUI Handbook

A DUI in Whatcom County Expert Representation

In Whatcom County DUI criminal cases, the accused will appear in court within days of the arrest. The only exception to this generalization in Whatcom County is for drug DUIs  (such as Marijuana  DUI cases in Whatcom County) or when the court is waiting for the results of a blood draw. In such cases the person accused of DUI in Whatcom County can expect to be notified of an arraignment several weeks following the arrest. At the arraignment the Judge will advise the defendant of the charge, accept a plea of not guilty and give conditions of release to the person accused of DUI. Having an experienced Whatcom County DUI defense attorney by yourself is a must in this court.

Here is where we render our first warning. The prosecuting attorney for Whatcom County is noted to be very tough and often unwilling to compromise. Do not expect sympathy and do expect a very cold hearted approach. If your BAC was over 0.15 or if there was an accident you can expect the City to request you be taken into custody or given very strict conditions of release. If this is not your first charge of DUI, you can expect conditions to be even worse. You can further expect the Judge to be inflexible and issue conditions of release that would not be issued in other courts. This is why you need an experienced Whatcom County criminal attorney who focuses on DUI defense from the beginning. As DUI defense attorneys in Whatcom County it is our job to examine police reports, investigate the field sobriety tests, and of course the validity of the DUI breath test, blood draw, or refusal of either. There are many procedures and policies that must be followed and we understand that the failure to follow such procedures may render results inadmissible at trial, therefore giving your case a better chance of dismissal or amendment.

The Department of Licensing Hearing and the license status of an individual is another critical component to the DUI process. The Hearing is held in our Bellingham office and clients can appear for the hearing in person, on the phone, or occasionally, not at all. The DOL Hearing will be handled in our Whatcom County office by our DUI defense lawyers on your behalf.

We will also advise where to get the best alcohol/drug evaluation (a requirement), where to schedule the Alcohol Drug Information School (a requirement if alcohol/drug treatment is not necessary) and the DUI Victim’s Panel, how to get SR 22 insurance (if needed), an ignition interlock (if needed), and an occupational license (if needed). For a free consultation about your case please contact one of our Whatcom County DUI defense attorneys today.

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